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According to Paul and Ann Rand, popular artists are known to help sell or produce a product by their clients or employers. In the piece, they are also deemed to be commercial. And because they help with selling or producing commercial products, there is a struggle for them to maintain their individuality and to keep afloat in appearing new, fresh and modern, with current technology and trends. There’s pressure to produce quickly and fall into the “newness factor.” But because of these kinds of pressures and constraints, the popular artist might fail in continuing to be innovative when designing. They might simply create for the sake of completing their work, without putting them self in their work.

Maintaining ones individuality and struggling to appear new and innovative while designing resonated with me. When designing for a client or working full time, often feel that I have to stick to the style of a product or company that is presented to me. My perception and how my employer stirs me in a project can be a struggle and in some cases. I have to create pieces that I do not agree with. When this happens, I feel like I have lost myself a little because I did not produce something that I could consider my idea or my style but the style of my client or employer. Also, with technology constantly changing, as a designer, I feel like I always have to adapt, especially when designing for the web or programming pieces online.

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