photoHere are two ideas for a poster I wanted to recreate. I wanted to create a piece that differs from what I saw in 2011, pictured right.

The photographs are mine shown below. I shot them in 2009 as part of New York Care’s math volunteer program when I was the Graphic Design Intern. I found the note paper on Stock Exchange – a mostly royalty-free stock image site. And the calligraphic font, I found on It is “Throw My Hands Up in the Air” by Kimberly Geswein and it’s meant for personal use.

“Students plus volunteers equals a formula for fun,” is a line a pulled from the nonprofit’s 2011-2012 program guide, which displays the kinds of volunteer programs that New York Cares has to offer. I thought this line would help increase interest in the idea of volunteering for education/tutoring. I am kinda stuck in between the two photographs because some of the children do not look as cheery as what is described in the copy. Though the second photo is crisper. It was used in the 2009 Annual Report.



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