A couple weeks ago, I was assigned to create a composite pertaining to one topic my professor had in mind. I chose to focus on censorship in the media. The composite had to work with an editorial piece, though I thought I could make something that could work in other situations.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the story of Hildur Lilliendahl Viggósdóttir. She is known as a women’s rights campaigner in Iceland. On Facebook, she had an album that contained items she found demonstrating sexism online. One of the images she posted in protest lead her to being banned on Facebook. It is pretty controversial considering that some folks believe that Facebook often bans/probates users arbitrarily. Please see this article on the Telegraph to understand a bit of her story.
I was playing with imagery pertaining to censorship, being blocked or silenced to add more emphasis on what is going on in some of the articles online. I mostly saw photographs that simply showed the face of Hildur but because there wasn’t much going on in the photo, it is as if the photos are secondary to the text. Here are some ideas:

After posting these online, Hildur found them. The internet makes the world seem so small now.

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