Still Here by Langston Hughes on Flickr.

Here’s a homework assignment that I did for my InDesign class at Parsons. The class is part of the certificate program for Digital and Graphic Design. In prior posts, you have probably seen me post about old homework assignments.

The poem is Still Here by Langston Hughes. I find the poem to be quite emotional so I attempted to add emphasis on some of the verbs by increasing the font size, scrambling the fonts of some of letters and tilting the text boxes to represent an uneasy feeling. “Still here” repeats through out the document because regardless of all the bad things that has happened, the narrator is able to be there and endure.

The professor asked us to not include any other imagery besides the text and local formating tools.

* I was thinking about David Carson when doing this. It does not fully emulate his style but the idea of breaking typographic rules helped.

© Sharese Ann Frederick


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