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Here is a piece for my Illustrator class. We’re still in the beginning phase of getting to know the program – so I am a little bit ahead. I dealt with the program for years, however, I always felt that I did not learn enough as an under-grad. This is why I am taking it again at Parsons where I can understand the tools in-depth. It has been a struggle teaching myself.

This assignment asks students to create a “mind map” where one maps out their thoughts. The map does not have to list out every single thing that you think of; you can center it on a particular subject.

Mine obviously deals with my thoughts concerning photography. I didn’t go too deep into it otherwise it would have been a mess. I have a bad habit of locking myself into complex concepts. I usually despise making pieces that deal with myself, like creating a self portrait or showing what I am thinking. Sometimes my nerves get the best of me. It’s that feeling some of us get when playing “getting to know each other” games.

Although, I am happy with the end result and I had a lot of fun. Maybe I went a bit crazy with that Cinnamon Cake font (but I love it). We had to use specific features from the program as part of our design such as using gradients (I only use them in photo editing), patterns (already set in the program) and no pen tool usage . So I got to break away from methods that I consider to be safe.

Cinnamon Cake is by Brittney Murphy

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