Launched in 2012


After a couple of days experimenting with several WordPress themes, I came across Customizr, a theme that I believe retains some of the visual aesthetics I liked from my previous web portfolio designs. There are still more tweaks to follow.

So why the change? The old site launched in Summer 2012 – a moment when I was taking a WordPress web design class at Parsons. I found it to be super rewarding and still retain some of the techniques I was taught. But with it being nearly 2017, I felt like I was getting behind the times. In 2012, people were still trying to understand the importance of responsively designed sites/templates, as the public slowly got on the smart phone band wagon.

Automatic’s Toolbox theme is no longer available. Nowadays most of these themes are built using super barebones themes like Sandbox and Toolbox. The old site was good for its time, but tweaking elements of it here and there so it could be “mobile-friendly” was too painful and I don’t have the energy to learn and add code from scratch anymore.

Maybe one day I’ll actually take a web development course. My dream is to study at General Assembly.

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