MTNYCTreeCare_Brochure on Flickr. (Click to View Big)

I created a brochure for MillionTreesNYC, a tree planting initiative that I used to do social media for last year. In the past at NYRP, we always thought about completing some sort of tree care pamphlet or guide for our tree giveaways/adoptions. We have a bunch online but not so many printed versions.

So, I created it by pulling the copy from this section and I only focused on watering, mulching and weeding tips. The photos were pulled from NYRP’s site (except for one that I photographed shown on the back).

This brochure is supposed to be a trifold piece. The bottom is a cover. And the two pages on the ends would fold in; so when one opens the brochure, they can see watering, mulching and weeding in secession.

Here is the cover.

Will tweak it later.

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