UCHC Newspaper Wrap2 on Flickr.

Here’s a test project that I did for the Bronx Free Press/Manhattan Times. It is a four page ad for the non-profit health center, Union Community Health Center (UCHC). The objective of the project was to clearly demonstrate and advertise the amazing work that UCHC has been doing for over 100 years in the Bronx. The project was meant to test my skills with InDesign and to see how I can accurately represent the non-profit’s branding in a newspaper ad.

I think I did a great job. I followed the color scheme of the non-profit’s site, refreshed my knowledge in Spanish to work with the type, and seriously used InDesign (I was in the last group of students who were taught Quark at Manahttanville).

One of my biggest challenges was editing and fitting as much of the copy as I could. You have to consider that this is a bilingual newspaper and it is extremely important to be aware that there are two languages involved – Spanish and English.

This was for an interview. They liked it. Though, I am unsure how this piece will evolve.

Either way, it’s a keeper for my portfolio. I love playing with type!



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