Bhutan-187  © Sharese Ann Frederick

Photographers, if you have a Tumblr, submit your blog here! I just submitted mine and earned some visibility. I am always looking for artists and photographers to connect with and I find this blog to be a great resource to do so. The blog is chock full of amazing photography. And who knows? You might be able to find some new sources of inspiration. Here’s the site’s description:

See what I wrote just to give you an idea on how to share your work.


An artist’s piece is usually a reflection of themself to a certain extent. Their work can reflect their lifestyle, or what they generally believe in. I have a habit of making my pieces mirror parts of myself and my memories. My art is my voice illustrated through computer graphics, photos composed of pixels, and images captured on silver halides.

For the majority of my life I have lived in New York City. And for the most part, I consider myself to be a graphic artist and photographer.






Canon 40D

Canon 7e

Canon A410 – oldie

Olympus EP2



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