I finally finished the web site for my friend Akiima Price. In past blogs, I spoke of the development of her new logo and mock ups of her soon to be revamped site. I created it by using the popular WYSIWYG web site creator and CMS, Weebly.

It is easy to use for those without prior web design knowledge but as a designer, I found it difficult to create a theme from scratch. You can’t simply create a site on Photoshop, Quark or whatever and think that’s it. You have to understand the web application’s in syntax for HTML/CSS.

After multiple trials and errors and my browser bugging out from the drop and drag function; I got the hang of it and created a the site. So far, so good. Things will change here, such as the filler text. I am glad that I figured it out.

If you have any feedback on the setup or questions don’t be shy. I am still very new to Weebly.

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