The word on the street is that Coney Island is up for some big changes. Boardwalk businesses that have contributed to the essence of this iconic neighborhood are about to be lost. These business are trying to fight for their existence after learning that their leases were not renewed by Central Amusements International.  And the city is interested in revamping the boardwalk. Who knows if it’ll be better?

On Sunday, I went out with a group of goons to photograph Coney Island during its most inactive times. I really wanted to see what the area was like during the winter.  It was supposed to be 53 degrees but it was much colder due to being near the Atlantic. Although it was very bleak, it’s what I wanted to capture.

Here are some shots:

Coney Island-8

Coney Island-9

Coney Island-2

Coney Island-21

View the rest here. 

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